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AQC – ACO Quality Commitment

ACO EUROBAR® is the registered trademark for continuous-cast iron bar products of the ACO Guss Foundry Group. The ACO EUROBAR® brand is an engineered cast iron designed to meet the most stringent demands of users. Meticulous process control and strict adherence to a rigorous quality system ensure that our continuous cast-iron product meets even the most exacting requirements in relation to a high and consistent quality from one delivery to the next.

ACO EUROBAR® quality continuous-cast bar products fully comply with the new European standard “EN 16482 – Cast Iron – Continuous Casting”. Indeed, our products even exceed the requirements in the new standard and the following properties over and above what is stipulated in EN 16482 are also assured:

  • Guaranteed levels of Brinell hardness;
  • Graphite shape specification;
  • Quantitative specifications for matrix microstructure;
  • For some products, guarantees for minimum levels of absorbed energy in Charpy-V impact testing.

Our confidence in the unprecedented quality of ACO EUROBAR® continuous-cast iron products is such that ACO Casting Services South Africa is proud to be able to offer a guarantee with regard to freedom from manufacturing defects such as shrinkage cavities, porosity, dross and such like – this is the ACO Quality Commitment. The touchstone of this Quality Commitment is that in the unlikely event of a claim, ACO Casting Services South Africa will not only replace the defective product but also reimburse any reasonable costs incurred in machining the said material.

Details of the ACO Quality Commitment

Details of the ACO Quality Commitment as offered by ACO Casting Services South Africa including a description of its conditions and limitations are given below.

What is covered?
ACO Casting Services South Africa warrants that its continuous-cast iron products will be free from visible foundry defects.

What do you need to do?
You must inspect the product upon delivery and promptly notify us if any defect is visible. Likewise your prompt notification is also expected if defects become apparent in connection with machining. In addition, you must provide ACO Casting Services South Africa with suitable samples of defective material for our evaluation.

What is the guarantee period?
Defects discovered and reported to ACO Casting Services South Africa within one (1) year from the date of delivery will be covered by this warranty.

What is our commitment?
In the event of a justified claim under our Quality Commitment, ACO Casting Services South Africa will:
(a) reimburse, up to a maximum amount corresponding to the purchase value of the defective material, any direct labor cost incurred in machining the product prior to discovering the defect; and
(b) either make a full refund of your outlay or supply you with defect-free replacement material (the alternative which is applied will be at the discretion of ACO Casting Services South Africa).

Other Conditions:
This guarantee/warranty is the only one that applies to products supplied by ACO Casting Services South Africa.

ACO CASTING SERVICES SOUTH AFRICA reserves the rigth to alter or cancel this Quality Commitment at any time, without prior notification. This guarantee is governed by the laws of the South Africa without giving effect to conflicts of law rules.