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Continuous casting

ACO Casting Services South Africa processes exclusively continuous casting of the ACO Eurobar® brand: a quality continuous casting, which was developed jointly with the hydraulics industry and which meets even the most stringent demands of that segment. It is manufactured in accordance with the new European standard "EN 16482 - Cast iron - Continuous casting". Our own ACO Eurobar® factory standard reflects the stringent quality requirements to which we conform and to some degree even surpasse what is stipulated in EN 16482. As a reliable supplier of continuous-cast bar products based upon a cost-efficient process, we aim to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers.

We not only offer our customers the largest stock of continuous cast iron available in Africa. Our range of services also includes a lot of different materials, sizes and formats. In addition we also carry a large stock of casted parts for our customers and make sure that they arrive on time at the customer.

Materials on stock: EN-GJL-150C, EN-GJL-250C, EN-GJS-400-15C, EN-GJS-500-7C and EN-GJS-600-3C. Grey and nodular cast iron, continuous castings and machine-moulded castings as well as bronze for the glass industry.

Formats on stock: Rounds, rectangles, squares and tubes - Even premachined, e. g. milled and peeled...

Lengths on stock: Standard continuous cast bars in 3 m, Cuts to the size of your choice.

Contact ACO Casting Services South Africa and let us find out together how we can assist you with your special request!