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Machine-moulded castings

In the area of machine-moulded castings ACO Casting Services South Africa is specialised in sophisticated customised castings in various grades of cast iron.

Supplier of machine-moulded castings

ACO produces castings and components for customers within mechanical and constructional engineering, the pump and hydraulics industry, transmissions and many other sectors. Our production is geared to small and medium-sized runs of complex components.

Finishing and machining of machine-moulded cast components

Our castings are given their final finish via shot blasting, deburring and grinding. If requested by the client, castings can also be coated or protected against corrosion using up-to-date packaging methods and materials.

As a full-service provider, we offer our customers the option of being supplied with completely finished parts ready for the assembly line. For the pump and hydraulics industry ACO Casting Services South Africa machines glands directly on site.

Before it is shipped, each component is subjected to a final dimensional and material check. The properties are certified according to customer specifications and certificates are delivered along with the parts.

Contact ACO Casting Services South Africa and let us find out together how we can assist you with your special request!